Brain Magnetic #Stimulation at #10Hz extraordinary effects on #Mitochondria , #neuroregeneration & #Pain

Research shows that stimulating the brain with 10 Hz Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields has extraordinary effects on Mitochondrial integrity, Tissue regeneration and Pain.


Covert Brain Stimulation technology used by Olympics athletes

Covert Brain Stimulation #technology used by #Olympics athletes – Discover the Brain Stimulation Technology used by Olympics athletes in Rio 2016, known in inner circles of sports and used covertly from more than a decade.

Morphing Schumann Resonance: Brain Entrainment & Negative Affects on Psychobiology

Schumann resonance frequencies are a spectrum of naturally occurring electromagnetic signals, circulating in the electrically resonant cavity bounded by the Earth and the ionosphere. It is also widely accepted that Schumann resonances cause brain-wave entrainment. Now we present evidence that both mean frequency and average power density of Schumann resonance are rising; and not by just an insignificant value.
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